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My Love Wedding Ring Gift Guides

Thinking on giving a necklace as a gift? Maybe earrings, a ring or a bracelet? Whether for your anniversary or your wife's birthday; whether it includes diamonds, sapphires, emeralds, amethysts or rubies, jewelry always makes a beautiful gift. But what to buy? Well, we've put together our My Love Wedding Ring Jewelry Gift Guide to help you out a little. Read on to be inspired.

Understand Her Style
For a Specific Occasion
Anniversary Stones
Gift Buying Top Tips

Understand Her! (or Her Style at Least)

One of the best ways to buy jewelry she'll love is to by jewelry in the style that she loves. And before you panic that you have no idea how to tell which style she loves, let us make it super easy: generally style can be broken down into three main categories: Classic; Modern and Romantic. So here is how to work out which of these styles suits here best and a suggestion of which jewelry gifts will go best with that style:


A classic and sophisticated style is very elegant and ladylike - just think Grace Kelly! So if your lady is a classic dresser, her clothes are likely to include tailored jackets and skirts, a little black dress, the timeless white shirt and sharp trousers. The classic look tends to be understated but faultless, always crisp and with a typically neutral or monochrome base of color. With such an enduringly beautiful dress style, she deserves enduringly beautiful and classic jewelry!

For the classic and sophisticated lady, you simply cannot go wrong with buying her a gift of diamonds, especially a pair of diamond stud earrings or a beautiful diamond solitaire pendant. Classic in style and timelessly elegant these will complement her wardrobe perfectly as well as adding some stunning sparkle.


A girl with a modern and stylish look will dress in a fun, fresh way that always has a nod to contemporary trends in fashion. Jeans and dresses will be her wardrobe staples along with trend led pastels, prints and sport looks. Accessories are a big part of the modern look and beautiful wearable pieces with personality will complement many of her outfits.

When it comes to buying jewelry gifts for a lady with modern style personalized initial pendants are sweet and contemporary and with yellow gold coming back into fashion in a big way, they are also bang on trend. Hoop earrings also work perfectly with almost every modern look at the moment, with their style and sparkle they can add both attitude and glamour to her look. If you want to buy something with a splash of color, natural color gemstone earrings are beautiful gifts which can be used to accessories matching and contrasting clothes making them hugely versatile and fun.


Feminine and pretty the romantic style is a real girls girl style, she will love florals, layering, soft knits and pretty detailing. Skirts and trousers which drape will feature heavily in a romantic style dressers wardrobe and there will likely be a good smattering of pastels, if not pink, then in particular, yellow, green and amethyst.

Jewelry which is delicate with pretty detailing makes a thoughtful and beautiful gift for those that have a romantic style. Jewelry which features hearts will tap into her romantic sensibilities as well as working beautifully with her feminine clothes. The beautiful soft luster of pearls, particularly drop pearl earrings or a pretty pearl necklace will work beautifully with many romantic style clothes making them a very wearable as well as a very beautiful gift.

Find the Perfect Gift for a Specific Occasion

Jewelry is a perfect gift for marking a Special Occasion, enduring and valuable, fine jewelry lends itself particularly well to being a lasting, precious and wearable memory.


If your wife is not a big jewelry wearer, but for your anniversary, especially a significant anniversary, you would like to treat her to a special, symbolic piece of jewelry, an anniversary ring is a great way to go about it. If rings aren't quite her style, we also have a range of beautiful natural gemstone jewelry that are perfect as anniversary gift.

To help make your choice of jewelry a bit easier, each wedding anniversary is marked with a different symbolic precious metal or gemstone and it is very romantic touch to make the jewelry gift chosen for any given Anniversary tie in with the associated gemstone or material.

Gemstones or Metals by Anniversary Year
1 2 3 4 5
Gold Jewelry Garnet Pearls Blue Topaz Sapphire or Silver
6 7 8 9 10
Lapis Lazuli Onyx or Copper Tourmaline or Bronze Lapis Lazuli Diamond Jewelry
11 12 13 14 15
Turquoise or Steel Jade Citrine Opal Ruby
16 17 18 19 20
Peridot Carnelian or Watches Cats Eye or Chrysoberyl Aquamarine Emerald or Platinum
21 22 23 24 25
Iolite Spinel Imperial Topaz Tanzanite Jubilee or Silver
30 35 40 45 50
Pearl or Jubilee Emerald Ruby Sapphire Golden Jubilee or Gold
55 60 70 80  
Alexandrite Diamond Sapphire Ruby  


Whether it is for your wife, your girlfriend or your boyfriend, some jewelry always makes a fabulous birthday gift. As with anniversaries, birthday months are also each represented by a precious gemstone and that can be a beautiful way to choose your birthday jewelry gift. You can find out more about birthstones at our birthstone guide.

In addition, we have a stunning range of birthstone jewelry, any piece of which is guaranteed to have the recipient smiling for the rest of their birthday, even although they are a year older! Take a look at the range and see if you can find something to suit her/him.

Valentines Day

Along with flowers and chocolates, jewelry is one of the most popular Valentines gift, and not that we are biased, but jewelry does have some real advantages of over chocolates (they get eaten and are gone!) and flowers (they wither!) in that it will endure as a symbol of your love for your partner forever.

We understand that jewelry makes a great Valentines gift for both men and for women and so to help you out, whoever you are looking to buy a gift for. So if you are looking for a gift for your girlfriend or wife then our Gifts for Her collection is crammed full of gorgeous jewelry including heart jewelry and pink sapphire jewelry meaning you will find something she will love! If you are looking for a gift for your boyfriend or husband we have compiled a similarly inspiring selection of jewelry gifts that will help you find the perfect Valentines present for him.

Mothers Day

Mothers day presents can be tricky to pick when the children are too small to choose for themselves. Helping your kids to pick up something beautiful for their mom is wonderful way to celebrate the Mothers Day. Some gorgeous Garnet Heart Necklace can be an ideal gift. She sure will wear the gift again and again.

New Baby

If your wife has just had, or is about to have, your new baby, you are probably feeling pretty overwhelmed with love for this wonderful woman that you married and the beautiful child you have. We are finding that around this time, more and more men are looking to buy a gift of jewelry for their wife, just to let her know how much they love her. On of the most popular gifts for this occasion is a stackable ring, representing the new addition to your family. Stackable rings make a beautiful collection, just like your kids!


There are a million and one pieces of advice on the internet on how to buy jewelry as a Christmas present and the reason for that is that jewelry is a wonderful gift to receive at Christmas! A gift of jewelry shows love and consideration and can also last a lifetime. In our experience, there are certain jewelry items at are always very popular as Christmas gifts, and because of our free 60 day return policy, we are also pretty sure they are very gratefully received as few are ever returned, so to see our top 20 jewelry gifts to give you some ideas for Christmas.

Jewelry Gift Buying Top Tips

Buying jewelry as a gift can still be daunting, even when you have all our guides to help you along the way! So here are our top tips to help you make your life just that little bit easier!

Understand Her Color Scheme

If you want to by her the perfect jewelry gift, then you have to buy a piece of jewelry that she will really love and not the piece that you love even although recognizing the jewelry you love is probably much easier! To find out what to find the right gift for her is, think about the color of her eyes, her hair, her wardrobe, and the jewelry that she already has in her jewelry collection. Some gemstones, such as pink sapphire, especially if worn as earrings, can look stunning on a blonde but can almost get lost on a brunette who instead might suit blue sapphire or blue topaz better. If she has a jewelry box full of yellow gold jewelry, it is unlikely that she will every wear a white gold piece that you buy her as it wont co-ordinate with any of her existing jewelry. So before you spend your money, do your research, you would if you were buying a TV and she is much more important than that right?

There is a Set of "Must-Have" Jewelry

There are some pieces of jewelry that all girls MUST have. That doesn't mean all of the pieces must be bought at the same time, but over time, her collection will grow and these key pieces will be the lynchpin. Think of it like the equivalent of the capsule wardrobe, pretty much everyone has black trousers and a white blouse! So what are these must haves?

  • Diamond Stud Earrings: in yellow or white gold and in a bezel or prong setting to suit your personal style, a pair of diamond studs are a lifelong friend, a go to pair of earrings when you want to pull a look together without overpowering it, but still making a statement.
  • Diamond Solitaire Necklace: as with the diamond stud earrings, the precious metal and setting style can be chosen to suit your own preference, but whatever you chose, this diamond necklace will see you through many an event in your life, from looking sharp at work, to looking dazzling on your wedding day, to that dinner invite that you are not quite sure what the dress code is, and every time you put it on, you will feel like a million dollars.
  • Stackable Rings: these give you so many dressing up or down options, with them worn alone, for a pared back casual look to all worn together for the full effect. If you chose a collection that includes some with color gemstones you can also co-ordinate the rings worn to suit particular outfits.
  • Pearl Earring: similar to the diamond stud earrings, they will become a real friend. Working with almost any kind of outfit, from a shirt and slacks to a ball dress, pearl earrings are often drop earrings so add some movement as well as their beautiful luster to any outfit.
  • Pearl Necklaces: in a similar vein to a diamond pendant, a pearl pendant can add a softer, gentler classical beauty to any outfit, from a dress to jeans and a t-shirt.
  • Initial Charms: a pretty, personal, go anywhere type of necklace that can add some lighthearted glamour to any outfit, popular since the middle ages, the styles may have changed, but an initial charm pendant is still a winner.
  • Hoop Earrings: encircled with gemstones and adding style and sass to whatever you a wearing hoop earrings are an essential addition to your jewelry collection, for days when you want to make an impression, these will help you on your way!
  • Tennis Bracelets: effortlessly elegant, a tennis bracelet is a beautiful way to accessorize without looking too "done", always flattering, often eye-catching with its sparkles, it is versatile and easy to wear, making it an absolute must have!

Take Advice from Her Friends and Family

You may know your woman very well, but unless you are pretty tuned in, it is likely that her girlfriends and her mom or sister are the ones most likely to really have her number when it comes to her jewelry taste - so ask for their advice!!

Listen Very Carefully

A good lesson in life anyway, it pays to listen to what she is saying about jewelry - magazine adverts she comments on, friends jewelry that she admires, celebrity style she comments on.

Create a Wish List

If you are worried that despite paying the best of attention you may still get it wrong, then create a Wish List at My Love Wedding Ring and invite her to add her favorite things to it - that way you can be confident that she will love what she receives!!

Make it Unique

She is unique - so if you would like her to have some jewelry that is as unique as she is, get in touch with us info@myloveweddingring.com to discuss placing a custom order - that way, she will get something made entirely for her!

Start Early!

When you are looking for jewelry as a gift, give yourself time - by searching earlier you will have more time to be sure that you find the perfect piece of jewelry. If you are in a rush though, you can contact our customer service specialist to arrange rush order, or specific delivery date to ensure the beautiful jewelry surprise arrives in time.