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Bride’s Guide for Choosing Wedding Rings at My Love Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring Guide and Tips for Her

A wedding ring is a hugely symbolic piece of jewelry as it is a permanently worn reminder of love and lifelong commitment. On a more practical note, it is also one of the few pieces of jewelry that you will wear every single day for the rest of your life. So it pays to choose wisely! My Love Wedding Ring has put together a wedding ring guide to help you making the right decision of choosing your wedding ring!


Simple plain wedding bands are very traditional and women's wedding rings in this style can range from very slim fine bands to quite broad bands. This style is particularly suited to the bride looking for matching wedding ring sets as coordinating men's wedding bands can often be found. For those looking for more unique designs that can suite their personalities, there are few great wedding ring options:

Diamond Wedding Rings

Diamond wedding rings

Diamond wedding rings set in white gold or platinum have been popular since they can perfectly match most of diamond engagement rings easily. Also as we mentioned in the Engagement Ring Guide, if your budget for an engagement ring is tight, we will suggest to focus instead on buying a good quality wedding ring. In this case, a gorgeous diamond wedding ring will be a great option.

Sapphire Wedding Rings

sapphire wedding rings

Since the Royal Wedding, Sapphire Jewelry has been popular again, especially for Sapphire Engagement Rings and Sapphire Wedding Rings. A stunning natural sapphire and diamond wedding ring can match beautifully with an engagement ring with a diamond center stone or a sapphire engagement ring. Sapphire wedding rings are also perfect as an anniversary ring as sapphires are the gemstone associated with sincerity and faithfulness.

Eternity Bands

eternity rings

No need to say why eternity rings have been so popular for either wedding rings or anniversary rings due to its beautiful meaning of eternal love. Diamond eternity rings set in white gold or platinum are popular. Although it may be hard to beat the traditional style of diamonds for an eternity ring, diamond and sapphire eternity ring is actually getting popular these days. These rings can complement a similarly bejeweled engagement ring to perfection. In addition, as eternity bands lend themselves to being worn in a stacked style, the same style ring an also be added as anniversary rings.

Gemstone Wedding Bands

gemstone rings

The beauty of natural gemstone rings is you can coordinate your birthstones or anniversary stones to your wedding rings, which makes your wedding bands even more special. From Princess Diana to Elizabeth Taylor, many celebrities love natural gemstone jewelry, and often choose gemstone rings as their engagement rings or wedding rings. A gorgeous pink sapphire and diamond wedding ring will make you feel like a Princess, and Ruby wedding ring set in yellow gold will be really eye-catching piece!


Traditionally, many wedding rings have been yellow gold but more recently wedding rings in white gold, or platinum, have really gained in popularity. The cool brightness of white gold and platinum are ideal for a diamond wedding band, as the lightness of the metal really makes the diamonds shine. However, although less common, yellow gold and diamond wedding rings can also be really eye-catching. Sapphire wedding rings can also look very modern in a white gold or platinum setting and as well as looking striking, they are quite unique, perfect for the girl who likes that something a bit different.

If an engagement ring is already being worn, the style and metal type of this must be taken into account. A wedding band should complement an engagement ring. Also, the metal of the wedding band must match that of the engagement ring as if one is platinum and the other gold, over time, the gold will be worn away. To learn more about different metals, read our Metal Education.

Ring Width

Similar to men's wedding bands, ring width is one of the factors that you have to take into account, especially if you are not normally used to wearing jewelry. Women generally prefer ring width in 5mm range if this wedding ring is to be worn alone. If the wedding ring is to be paired with an engagement ring, the most popular choices are 3mm to 4mm range. Ultimately it's a personal decision of choosing your wedding ring. My Love Wedding Ring has put together a ring width chart to help you find the perfect ring.

Ring Width Chart to help you find your perfect wedding rings at My Love Wedding Ring

Printable Ring Width Guide

This printable ring width guide can help you determine which ring width will suite you well. Prior to printing, please ensure the page scaling is set to "none" on your print dialog box. Please keep in mind that the measurement will not be accurate if it is not done properly. Prior to trying on different bands, measure the bar at the bottom of the ring width guide to ensure the guide has printed accurately.

Click the image below to download the Printable Ring Width Guide PDF file.

Can't view the Ring Width Guide? You may need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Don't know your ring size. Please click here to Find Your Ring Size.

Ring Engraving

On a more romantic note, decide whether engraving the ring with a personal message is important to you. Ring engraving is not possible on eternity style bands. However, other types of band and ring styles are perfect for engraving and at My Love Wedding Ring a Free Ring Engraving service is offered, so the ring can be made that bit more extra special.

Whichever style of wedding ring is chosen the important thing is that it has to suit you, as you will be wearing it for the rest of your life as a symbol of your love.