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At My Love Wedding Ring, we believe in Love and Lifetime commitment.

The moment when we meet that someone special should be cherished. Love is why the friendship flourished. Love lets you know that this person is your perfect match. Love is the binding force that brings people together.

As you build your life together, the one you Love should bring out the best in you. Being in Love, you can move mountains and overcome any obstacle. With Love in your life, dreams can become reality.

As a company, My Love Wedding Ring knows that jewelry bought as a token of love is symbolic of something very precious. Because of this, each piece of our jewelry is made with the care and attention such an item deserves. We work only with the finest jewelry designers, bench jewelers and diamond and gemstone suppliers. We only use Natural Gemstones and Conflict Free Diamonds.

Also we provide a Free Ring Engraving service which is suitable for most of our wedding rings and engagement rings, so a message of love can be engraved onto what may be the most special jewelry in your life.

We stand behind our jewelry and believe you will be delighted by it, if not, we offer a

45-Day-Money-Back-Guarantee. In addition, most of our fine jewelry is provided with a Lifetime Warranty. We also run a Lifetime Rewards Program: rewards can be collected on each purchase, have no expiration date and can be redeemed against future purchases.

Thank you for choosing My Love Wedding Ring to be part of your happiest moment.

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Company Profile

President: Dennis Mak

My Love Wedding Ring Owners

Dennis can create the most exquisite jewelry. Having been in the jewelry business over 15 years Dennis has a wealth of jewelry production expertise. He is a master of old world and traditional bench jewelry techniques as well as being incredibly skilled in working with the modern technology of 3D jewelry design program equipment. By marrying these skills together Dennis can combine old and new to create fabulous new techniques and designs. But Dennis is not content to rest on his laurels and is always eager to explore new skills in craftsmanship and jewelry design so that My Love Wedding Ring can keep creating beautiful new jewelry.

How We Create Your Fine Jewelry

We create your jewelry from start to finish all under one roof, in our Jewelry Studio in Manhattan New York. The following we will walk you through each stage of our jewelry making, from idea generation, wax model making, to beautiful finished piece of jewelry.

Creation Starts from a Sketch

The first step of creating jewelry begins from hand sketching by our artistic jewelry designers. After thoughtfully modification and redesigning, the final design is given to our CAD specialists for 3D image.

jewelry making sketch at my love wedding ring

CAD Production with 3D Printing Technology

Our 3D jewelry design software not only provides us a detailed 3D image of jewelry, but it also allows us to modify or change the design to ensure the perfection of final design.

jewelry making 3D jewelry drawing at my love wedding ring

From 3D CAD file to Polymer Wax Model

Once the jewelry design is finalized, the 3D CAD file will be transfer to a solid wax model. We use a latest 3D Printer that deposits ultra-thin layers of wax to grow a model. The layers can be as thin as 0.013 millimeters, and the sophisticated resolution allows the 3D printer to produce extremely complex and accurate wax models.

Jewelry Model making at my love wedding ring

From Wax Model to Metal Casting

Once the wax model is completed and inspected, the metal casting process starts. A mold will be made from the wax model. After the mold has hardened, the wax has to be melt away and removed thoroughly from the mold to ensure a flawless metal casting. Once the mold is completely clean, gold or platinum is melted and refined to remove impurities, and then is poured into the mold to create a metal casting.

Jewelry Making Metal Casting at my love wedding ring

Professional Crafting Techniques: Polishing, Sorting and Settings

Once the metal casting is ready, our skilled jewelers will use a variety of techniques to polish the metal casting; stone sorters carefully sort and inspect diamonds and gemstones; and then the diamonds or gemstones will be set beautifully in the metal casting to create a finished piece of fine jewelry.

Jewelry Making jewelry setting at my love wedding ring