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Wedding Band Guide for Men | My Love Wedding Ring

Wedding Band Guide and Tips for Him

When you decide to get married, suddenly, there is a huge list of things to consider. One of the most important things in this entire hubbub is also the smallest, your wedding ring. You will wear this ring every day and it symbolizes the love and lifelong commitment you make to your wife - so it is a significant piece of metal!

However, it is unlikely you enjoy shopping. This is not unusual; typically, men don't often linger or browse when shopping. Since wedding rings are so significant, it is only fair to give your choice of wedding jewelry a bit more attention. You don't have to trawl round shops for endless hours, with a bit of prior consideration it should be easy to arrive at which men's wedding band style is best for you.

Few good starting points for you to think about are:

Styles: Do your Prefer Classic or Modern Ring Styles?

Classic wedding rings are often plain bands but modern styles are more varied and can include diamond wedding rings or sapphire wedding rings, which are becoming very popular for men. For those with a more fashion forward style, precious gemstone bands may be the perfect way to express your creative streak whilst also choosing a ring that complements that of the bride, particularly at a time when diamond and sapphire wedding rings and engagement rings are becoming increasingly popular.

Metals: Platinum, Gold, Sterling Silver, Tungsten and Titanium, Which One Do Your Prefer?

Similar to women's wedding rings, there are a wide range of metal options available for men's wedding bands. Each metal has its unique qualities and color tones. The common metals for men's wedding bands are Platinum, Gold, Sterling Silver, Tungsten and Titanium. The most popular metals for men's wedding bands are white gold (18k and 14k), and platinum. However new material, such as Tungsten, has become one of the popular metal options for men's wedding bands these days due to its high scratch resistance, high Vickers hardness and a relatively inexpensive price range. To learn more about different metals, read our Metal Education.

Band Width: Which Size Will Fit You the Best

Wearing a ring daily can feel strange to many men but the size of ring which is chosen can make this easy to get used to. Narrow band rings, say of 4mm, can be easier to get used to but on many men's fingers these can look small. The most popular width for a mens wedding band is approximated 6mm. If you are a big guy, a broader band is likely to suit better. Or if you are used to wearing jewelry, a wider band such as 8mm or 9mm may be perfect for you. Also comfort fit ring helps you quickly get used to wearing a ring. It is possible to choose a ring with a curved interior face so that the ring is altogether more comfortable. Ultimately it's a personal decision of choosing your wedding ring. My Love Wedding Ring has put together a ring width chart to help you find the perfect ring.

Ring Width Chart to help you find your perfect wedding bands at My Love Wedding Ring

Printable Ring Width Guide

This printable ring width guide can help you determine which ring width will suite you well. Prior to printing, please ensure the page scaling is set to "none" on your print dialog box. Please keep in mind that the measurement will not be accurate if it is not done properly. Prior to trying on different bands, measure the bar at the bottom of the ring width guide to ensure the guide has printed accurately.

Click the image below to download the Printable Ring Width Guide PDF file.

Can't view the Ring Width Guide? You may need to download the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Download the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Don't know your ring size. Please click here to Find Your Ring Size.

Matching your Bride's Wedding Ring?

Some men's wedding ring styles are stand alone but others can perfectly match womens wedding rings or engagement rings making beautiful matching wedding rings. In some cases, the bride and groom's wedding rings can complement each other whilst not matching, for example both may be a wedding ring in white gold, but the bride's may be an eternity ring style whilst the grooms has only a single diamond.

Engraving: Do you Want to Engrave a Love Message on the Ring?

Ring engraving can be a romantic way to share a secret message with your bride as, unless the bride has an eternity band style of ring, her ring can also be engraved with the same message. My Love Wedding Ring offers a Free Ring Engraving service which is a perfect way to personalize these special rings.

A wedding ring is an enduring symbol of love and commitment. Rather than rush in, it makes sense to think carefully and choose your wedding ring as wisely as you chose your bride!

Should a modern man always wear a wedding ring?

When it was announced that Prince William would not wear a wedding band upon his marriage to Kate Middleton the spotlight was thrown on a very modern dilemma: should men wear wedding rings?

A Brief History of the Wedding Ring

Rings have long been worn to represent commitment and marriage. Ancient Egyptians used wedding rings over 4000 years ago and in Roman times metal rings were worn by wives to show they were spoken for. Until very recent history, women were regarded as property and a wedding ring was a clear way for a man to mark out his property. The wedding ring tradition continues today, with almost all wives wearing a wedding ring on the third finger of their left hand.

The Symbolism of a Wedding Ring

A wedding band is also full of romantic symbolism, the ring itself symbolic of eternity. In addition, in ancient times it was believed that a vein ran straight from the third finger of the left hand to the heart, so placing a ring on this finger put it as close to the heart as possible. These are romantic notions for a couple looking to create everlasting love.

But What About the Men?

Whilst the romance of a wedding ring is undeniable, until recently, wedding rings, and rings in general, were typically worn by women only. The exception to this was the wearing of rings by the aristocracy. Royals and noblemen have traditionally worn a signet ring on the small finger of their right hand. This is a tradition that, for example, Prince Charles continues to this day, wearing a signet ring on his right hand little finger. However Prince Charles goes one step further and also, on the same finger, wears a small wedding band from his wife, Camilla.

The reasons for men eschewing rings were partly practical. Historically, men have undertaken heavy manual work. Repeated exposure to heavy work could damage a ring and a ring could impede the ability to work. Rings could even be dangerous as if the ring were to catch, say in machinery, the man could lose his finger. Prior to the Second World War it was highly unusual for a man to wear a wedding ring.

Modern Men and Wedding Rings

These days, most manual work is industrialised so safety is less of a consideration when choosing whether to wear a ring. As a result, the wearing of rings by men has become more popular. Also, during the Second World War and subsequently the Korean War, soldiers chose to wear wedding rings as a reminder of their commitment to their loved ones at home. Now, it is believed almost 80% of men wear wedding rings.

Personal Choice

So should all men feel they need to wear a wedding ring and is Prince William out of step with popular opinion? These days, it is a matter of personal preference, both of the bride and groom, as to whether the groom should wear a wedding ring. It is undoubtedly a great sign of commitment. In addition, with the range of Wedding Bands which are available at My Love Wedding Ring, there is likely to be a wedding band to suit every taste.