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Guarantee Natural Gemstones Lifetime Warranty | My Love Wedding Ring

My Love Wedding Ring Lifetime Warranty Program

At My Love Wedding Ring, we are committed to your complete satisfaction and stand behind the quality and craftsmanship of our jewelry. We guarantee all our gold or platinum merchandises are made entirely of gold or platinum. Gemstones set in gold or platinum merchandises are made entirely of gold or platinum and containing diamonds, sapphires, rubies, emerald, or other genuine gemstones. All our jewelry is manufactured using the highest quality materials and is inspected by our in-house GIA Graduate Gemologists prior to shipment. Our jewelry has a manufacturer's warranty to the original owner from the date of purchase that the purchased article of jewelry is free of defects in materials and workmanship under normal wear. This warranty is void if the article of jewelry has been damaged by accident, negligence, unauthorized service or other factors not due to defects in material or craftsmanship. This warranty also does not apply to lose, stolen or abused merchandises, chipped or broken diamonds or gemstones, and loss of precious stones.

We always encourage you to purchase of independent insurance of your jewelry as soon as possible. This will help recover significant damage, loss, or theft you might experience. Please contact your insurance agent for full details.

Please note: certain gemstones, such as pearls or corals, by nature, are organic and tend to deteriorate over time. Likewise, certain fashion jewelry constructed from materials such as leather, stainless steel, carbon fiber, tungsten, or titanium, are not meant to last a lifetime. Therefore, merchandises containing these materials are not covered by our lifetime warranty. With proper care, however, you should be able to enjoy these items for years.

How to Register for the Lifetime Warranty Program

All fine jewelry purchased from My Love Wedding Ring is covered by our 45-Day Money Back Guarantee. To enjoy the lifetime warranty service for your My Love Wedding Ring's gold or platinum jewelry, please log into My Account, then click the tab of My Warranty to register your gold or platinum jewelry. By nature, certain jewelry is not meant to last a lifetime; therefore, you will receive an email confirmation to confirm your lifetime warranty program status after the registration. If the jewelry is qualified for the lifetime warranty program, once you log into My Account, you will see that jewelry is listed in My Warranty section.

The lifetime warranty program applies to the original owner and is not transferable.

Free Lifetime Inspections, Cleaning, Polish and Maintenance Services

My Love Wedding Ring is committed to the quality of your My Love Wedding Ring jewelry for life as long as you allow only our bench jewelers to work on it. We recommend that you send your My Love Wedding Ring's gold or platinum jewelry to us every six months for a free inspection and cleaning service. That way, we can spot any potential maintenance issues and provide preventive maintenance before problems occur. In addition to a cleaning with each inspection, we will also provide free prong tightening, polishing, rhodium plating on your gold or platinum jewelry. This service will completely restore your jewelry to a like new condition as well as to keep your lifetime warranty in effect. After each inspection and cleaning, we will sign and date your warranty examination card and note condition. To view your jewelry's maintenance history, log into My Account , then click the tab of My Warranty, and you will be able to view the jewelry maintenance history. Upon inspection if repairs outside of normal maintenance are necessary, we will provide an estimate based on our standard fee structure, and the repair will be done upon your approval of the charge. All inspection, cleaning, maintenance and repairing services are performed in our jewelry studio in New York City.

Certificate of Authenticity

We at My Love Wedding Ring are proud to offer our official Certificate of Authenticity Card with the fine jewelry that you purchase at www.myloveweddingring.com. This certificate is a Jewelry Evaluation Report that provides a reliable and accurate grading by our professional in-house GIA Graduate Gemologists. This certificate assures you that the jewelry you have purchased from us was crafted by expert jewelers, set in genuine platinum or gold of the specified purity, and guaranteed diamonds or gemstones are 100 percent genuine, natural, authentic gems.

Jewelry Care Instructions

To make your jewelry last a lifetime and beyond, certain care should be taken in the wearing, cleaning and storing of each piece. Even though precious metals such as platinum or gold can wear over time and diamond has the highest hardness, with unnecessary heavy or damaging wear, heavy metal friction or chipped or broken stones may occur easily and it may expedite the need for server outside of the normal warranty. To learn more about proper jewelry & gemstone care, please read our Jewelry Care and Cleaning Guide.