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Easy Payment Plans for Your Dream Jewelry

Have you found the perfect piece of jewelry that you just had to have? Do not let the price tag stop you from choosing your dream jewelry. My Love Wedding Ring Layaway Plans are designed to help you afford the jewelry you want, even if you cannot currently pay for it. With our Layaway Plans, you will have the assurance that the jewelry you love will be available at today's price when you are ready!

How It Works:

    1. Shop My Love Wedding Ring and find the jewelry you want to purchase.

    2. Simply contact us at 1-212-997-2528 or email: info@myloveweddingring.com to ask to enroll in our Layaway program. Our Layaway specialist will walk you through the process and assist you to choose the right payment plan for you.

    3. Once the payment plan is chosen and the Layaway order is placed, the first payment of the Layaway order will be deducted from the customer's payment method of choice. Layaway customers will receive email notification of their each payment schedule. It's Layaway customers' responsibility to make the payments on time according to schedule.

    4. Once the final payment has been received in full, your jewelry of the Layaway order will be on its way to your door.

    NOTE: Once payment is complete, orders will take 3 to 5 business days to process. The order will ship to its destination depending on the shipping method chosen by the customer.

Our Layaway Plan Examples:

Layaway Plans at My Love Wedding Ring

Note: Shipments made to New York State is subjected to New York sales tax.


Customers may cancel their Layaway order and will receive a refund of the amount paid to date. There is no cancellation fee, no restocking fee and no service fee.


Only orders placed in the United States are eligible for the Layaway Plans. MyLoveWeddingRing.com shall hold item(s) listed on the Layaway order for the participating customer as long as agreed payments are made on time and according to schedule. Should a Layaway payment be missed, MyLoveWeddingRing.com reserves the right to cancel the Layaway order and refund the customer the amount paid to date.

No Layaway Fee
No Service Fee
No Restocking Fee
No Interest
No Credit Check
Full Return Policy Rights
Flexible Payment Plans

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